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 Lucky Cake Memories From           The 1950's & 60's

                       Lucky Cake Story

A few years ago, we found a ledger, inside an old Sears mail order catalog house. The ledger contained recipes, including the Lucky Cake recipe, along with some other miscellaneous company info referring to Wards Bakeries and Tip Top. For those who remember this snack cake treat never forgot how great they were. In the late 1950's & 60's Lucky Cakes were found mostly in the Ma & Pa corner stores and major chain grocery stores. Well, getting back to the recipe, lucky for us it was very detailed although formulated for large batches. We converted the recipe for smaller test batches and WOW these snack cakes were fantastic, just as I remembered them. That's a brief history of the Lucky Cake. I don't know what happened to the company or why the Lucky Cake disappeared, but finding this lost recipe gives Lucky Cakes a second go around, for a comeback in the 21st century market.

Original Chocolate

Vanilla Creme

Red Velvet

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